Creating Opportunity Zone connections.

We bring investors, communities, developers, and professional service providers together to make Opportunity Zone deals happen.

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How It Works

Local Governments

Communities can use OppNexus to share information about their local economy, highlight features of their Opportunity Zones, and showcase investment-ready sites and projects in their zones.


Opportunity Fund managers and investors with capital gains can use OppNexus to scout potential sites, connect with community leaders, and find investment-ready projects.


Developers with Opportunity Zone projects can use OppNexus to connect with potential investors and build relationships with community leaders.

Service Providers

Attorneys, accountants, planning consultants, architects, and other professional service providers with Opportunity Zone expertise can use OppNexus to connect with potential clients.

Opportunity Zone Advisory Services

Investment Prospectuses

The Investment Prospectus has become the nationally-recognized tool for communities to get traction for their Opportunity Zones. OppNexus can develop an OZ Prospectus for your community that you will use to inform local stakeholders, build national awareness of your zones, and spur investment that aligns with your plans and goals.

Impact Reports

Opportunity Zone Investment Impact Reports provide an assessment of how specific OZ projects are achieving community impact. Using qualitative and quantitive analysis, the reports illustrate the social and economic impacts of OZ projects.

Opportunity Zone Map

Find detailed information for Opportunity Zones, projects, investors, and service providers throughout the nation.